Mini Printer


1: The machine is not encrypted, and the ink cartridge cost is low. You can also buy ink cartridges locally.

2: Compared with the traditional handheld printer, this product has the same printing height, but the printing efficiency is better, the speed is faster, and it is more suitable for printing small things

3: Support English operating system

Product name: mini printer

Maximum power: 20W

Cartridge type: 12.7mm quick-drying solvent cartridge

Information editing: touch screen operation editing

Power supply mode: fast charging 3.0 adapter

Charging interface: TYPE-C

Switch mode: shared by print switch and power switch

Operating weight: 280g

Maximum external dimension: 100 * 75 * 47mm

Install the ink cartridge correctly:

1. When installing the ink cartridge, be sure to turn off the machine to avoid damaging the machine. The ink cartridge is inserted at a 45 degree angle.

2. If you do not use the machine for more than 10 minutes, please cover the protective cover of the ink cartridge to prevent the nozzle from being exposed to the air for a long time and causing the ink to dry up.

3. Due to the quick drying of the ink cartridge, it is normal to have a little wire drawing and wire missing during use.

1. TIJ2.5 thermal foaming spray printing technology, 600DPI high-definition spray printing, ABS+PC industrial design;

2. Operating weight: 280G, overall dimension: 100mm * 75mm * 47mm; 2.4 inch full-color touch screen, more convenient to operate;

3. Huawei charging line, 3.0 fast-charging charger, maximum power 20W; Add quad-core processor;

4. It can print date, time, text, serial number, picture, barcode, QR code, etc;

5. Support Chinese and English input methods, dot matrix, entity and other fonts;



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