Blue Digital Flash Stamp Machine

Blue PB-3000/S3R16C Digital Flash Stamp Machine:

Equipped with temperature control system, the machine enters into a dormant state automatically when reaching the critical temperature, which protects photosensitive tube and electronic components, and extends the life of machine

Professional portable self inking flash stamp machine
Exposure range
Flash lamp
Exposure energy
Exposure times
More than 60,000

Main Features

Separation design of exposure box
Intelligent exposure panel
Breathable radiator
3 imported exposure lamps, length 150mm
16 high Power capacitors
Exposure range: 110*70mm
Exposure times: 60 thousand times
Product weight Approx: 7kg
Output energy: 3800J
CE authentication

S3R16C Professional portable self inking flash stamp machine

Flash lamp

Professional qulity for lamp

Exposure lamp size: 15mm and φ12mm

Service life-60,000-80,000times

Increased length of exposure lamp, fast speed, powerful energy. Long life service, safty.

Cooling system


Fast speed to cooling down temperature.

Auto protect hardful when the fans was jam.

CE certification.


Customize high quality lamp for S3R16C/PB-3000 flash stamp machine.
Adopt high temp wire. Cooper wire to connect.
Provide strong and long working power

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Blue Digital Flash Stamp Machine Demo


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